Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Minds made up?

As regular blog readers will know, the current local school closure programme continues to roll on towards a final decision at the December 2009 Full Council Meeting ...

... one of the four Primary Schools currently being considered for closure is Drumbrae, and all the consultation details can be found here. And, if you look at the 'summary of the proposals' (page 2) it's evident that a new, larger Nursery is to be built at Clermiston Primary School IF Drumbrae closes.

Fair enough - except today, numerous Councillors are awash with angry e-mails from parents at Clermiston because they've been told by workmen on the school site that the foundations for a new Nursery are being prepared right now??

... someone, somewhere better have a good explanation to convince these parents that minds aren't already made up about the closure of Drumbrae :-(

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