Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just who is in charge?

Well - the Council meeting did indeed finish earlier than last month --- a 1.15pm end of proceedings!

Most significant division of the day came over the report concerning the review of funding to third parties ... you can see the full report here.

There was a pretty healthy debate in the Chamber, and the Administration won the vote obviously, but there is a clear worry about this whole process that is simply not being recognised by those supposedly in charge ...

... amazingly, during the exchanges, it transpired that the politicians responsible for this report seem blissfully unaware that Officers are happily telling all-and-sundry that Voluntary Sector funding is reverting to annual-awards for the foreseeable future and that three-year funding is off the agenda?

This despite previous - very clear - decisions to move as many voluntary sector grants onto a three-year footing as possible.

Does make you wonder just who runs this Council.

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