Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A cynical game

I mentioned the SPICe briefing that puts the lie to the Nats constant whining about the (NOT) reducing Scottish-budget for 2010/11 a few days ago - details here.

Well, just to prove the scale of their 'chutzpah' the Scottish Government have put out a News Release today pressing for the same form of 'capital acceleration' this year as they received last - details here.

I'd be willing to take a gamble that the Westminster Government gives them such - despite the puerile political games going on?

If they do, it will say a lot about the respective levels of political maturity within Westminster and Holyrood ... and, as ever, I trust that voters are quite capable of making their own judgment on who is trying to respond to current economic circumstances constructively and who is playing a particularly cynical political game given the seriousness of all the circumstances.

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