Friday, September 11, 2009

Very traumatic day ...

Very traumatic day for me ...

... as many colleagues, friends and family know, I'm really rather attached to my current bike - bought it in April 1983 and its been to just about every continent of the world with me. It's literally got tens of thousands of miles under it's wheels.

Well - this evening, I've taken the plunge and as part of the bike-to-work scheme picked up a brand-new Ridgeback Panorama.

Rode it home from the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative, and it feels fantastic :-)

Pedal for Scotland ride this Sunday (will be my 7th in a row) - and for old-times-sake I'm sticking with the 1983 classic (will be its last trip!) before donating it to the Bike Station.

Over a quarter-of-a-century of cycling on one bike about to come to an end :-(

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