Thursday, August 20, 2009

Full Council today

Full Council today - amazingly finished at 3.30pm ...

... doesn't mean there was no controversy; and I did at least manage to remain in the Chamber for the whole meeting today ;-)

Main point of contention ended up NOT being trams ... the SNP did back an all-Party motion, and it'll now be interesting to note the content of their immediate press comment on the issue? ...

... but the bin dispute did indeed dominate most discussion, with the Administration repeatedly denying that a statement has ever been made indicating that the dispute was over?

Really quite stunning .

They are patently in some kind of parallel universe when it comes to this subject.


Anonymous said...

Did you get a gold star from Jenny ?

Andrew said...


Don't think there's much chance of that :-(

- I'd settle for her just accepting political scrutiny in a constructive fashion!