Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Consistent treatment?

Now - I am not defending the content of either of the e-mails that these two local stories (here and here) in today's Evening News are about ...

... but do contrast the fact that over a dozen staff have been suspended for sending these messages, when absolutely NOTHING appears to happen when the current Council Administration:

Pressing the delete button appears to work for some??

And yet rather astonishingly, several people have contacted me since I first mentioned this issue to tell me - in no uncertain terms - that it's not a serious problem?

Well - I beg to differ.

Someone, somewhere, approved those statements going on to the Council's web-site; and someone, somewhere approved them being removed.

And ultimate responsibility for all of this has to rest with Administration politicians - if not, then that's an acceptance that they are simply not in charge.

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