Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No new schools for Edinburgh?

Sad I know, but I've just listened to the statement from the Education Secretary --- pretty thin gruel; but much, much worse was her response (in questions thereafter) to Ken Macintosh wherein she said that now new money was being made available (a point that is questionable in itself?) then it would be up to Local Authorities to deliver the schools.

Astounding --- not only has she failed to name ANY (Local Authorities or) schools to be built today (that will apparently have to wait until September 2009) she clearly plans to blame Local Authorities for the subsequent failure to build any new schools prior to 2011.

An acceptance indeed that not ONE SINGLE new school contract will be initiated, and then that school built and actually opened all within this term (May 2007-May 2011) of the current Scottish Government

But sadly proof, if ever it were needed, that:
  • P1 to P3 class sizes being over 18
  • Nursery provision being less than 600 hours a year
  • and no new schools being built prior to 2011

- will all be the fault of Local Authorities, and nothing whatsoever to do with the Scottish Government.

Historic Concordat - don't make me laugh :-((

As I've repeatedly said over the last few years; Local Government in Scotland HAS been emasculated and will subsequently be blamed for all the 'political ills of Scotland' come late 2010/early 2011.

And how ironic that the Political Party of "Independence" has removed that very same thing from the tier of Government they control.

Scottish democracy is the weaker for it.

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