Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mass privatisation?

Local Newspaper has been given the story about 20 - yes, 20 - Local Authority services being potentially privatised by the current Council Administration ...

... all relates to a Report now going to the Policy and Strategy Committee next Tuesday - main Agenda here, and the specific Report here.

Here's the full list of services to be potentially privatised:
  1. IT
  2. Cultural Facilities
  3. HR
  4. Refuse Collection
  5. Payroll
  6. Street Cleansing
  7. Legal Services
  8. Ground Maintenance
  9. Customer Services (Contact Centre, Front Offices)
  10. Road Maintenance
  11. Operational Property and Facilities Management
  12. Fleet Management
  13. Procure to Pay Process
  14. Transport Services
  15. Revenues & Benefits Administration
  16. Building Maintenance
  17. Financial Administration
  18. Catering
  19. Elements of Administrative Support
  20. Cleaning
The announcement of this list today, astonishingly sent by e-mail to all staff, could thus basically lead to the privatisation of these 20 areas of service provision which are currently delivered directly by the Local Authority.

Such a mass-privatisation of Council services would - for me - be wholly unacceptable and would undoubtedly lead to a real diminution in the level (and probably the quality) of services provided by the Local Authority to Edinburgh citizens.

This is all about saving money - nothing else - and senior Administration politicians need to have the honesty to simply admit that.

Trying to spin it as an 'improvement programme' will fool no one.


Anonymous said...

This action is deplorable.

Sending out an email to staff like this shows the council management is neglecting their legal 'Duty of Care' to their employees. They fail in their 'Duty of Care' in the fact that they are causing indiviual employees undue stress regarding their future. This is not what they sign up for. It was to serve the public as best they can and not to be bullied and threated by senior members of the council management.

The person who authorised the email's release should be 'fired' if the Council cared.

Who cares ?

Andrew said...


Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I can only assure you that we are seeking to challenge the assumptions behind this programme - but we do not control the Council and therefore have very limited influence.