Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lack of courtesy ...

2.30pm on Wednesday and the schools closure report has just appeared on CPOL ... you can now find it here.

Over a day after initial Press Coverage and the SNP/Lib-Dem Administration have finally released the report publicly.

If you ask me, this all shows a complete and total lack of basic courtesy to the local communities involved in these proposed closures ... it's all about 'news management' instead of trying to involve those who matter most.

Lets hope the communities affected don't forget about how they've been treated - as eventually they will be able to have their say on the current crowd running the city.


John Wallace said...

Link to CPOL report not correct.

John Wallace said...

Sorry, was looking at the wrong link. I also have the solution. Page 15 point 5 in the report. Make sure that one of the administration councillors doesn't make the meeting and all the opposition do.

The way to do that is the Bill Clinton way. On the way into the chambers is best as long as there is no witnesses. Possibly a pull into Teeth Milligan's office - I hear there is plenty of room there :-)