Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Abject confusion at EDI

Strange goings-on at EDI today --- literally a few months ago, we were being told all was well and the Chair publicly stated:

“The last period of trading has demonstrated EDI's resolve and ability to seek out new opportunities, ensuring that we're well placed to weather current market conditions.

"Looking forward - and despite those difficult market conditions, we can be reasonably optimistic. A recent review of EDI by our shareholder, The City of Edinburgh Council, has reaffirmed the view that we remain a key vehicle for developing the city's assets.

"We expect that the relationship with the Council will provide EDI with further opportunities for development in the year ahead."

Well, today, I hear the Acting Chief Executive has (in effect) been summarily removed from post, and a new 'private consultant' is being parachuted in to take over.

At their Board Meeting this afternoon, three elected Members (2 Labour and 1 Conservative) all resigned over these actions.

The whole situation is further muddied by the fact that the Chair of EDI resigned from his post at a meeting of the Policy and Strategy Committee on the 9th June (decision to be effective from the 23rd June), yet today - the 24th June - he chaired the Board?

Serious questions do need to be asked about just what-on-earth is going on here??

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