Monday, May 25, 2009

UK Cabinet support ...

UK Cabinet support today for a referendum on the voting system at the earliest opportunity ... lets hope this is translated into some definite legislative action over the coming months.

Alan Johnson has now made his position clear - when any referendum happens, he will obviously vote for change to the electoral system as opposed to supporting the status quo ...

... so would I, and - more than ever - I'm convinced the majority of the UK population would also back such change given the chance.

That chance could be confirmed as part of the Queens Speech this Autumn.


John Wallace said...

With all due respect Councillor, I don't think one member of the Cabinet writing an article for the Times equals "UK Cabinet support".

Even with the input by Millipede the Junior it is not what could really be called "UK Cabinet support"/

Sorry to be so picky but even the headlines on the BBC's article and also The Times both categorically state that it is a single person rather than the cabinet.

Better knews, the Wintertons are gone, 1/2 of the MacKays (so far) and who knows, that Balls couple next, if we can every manage to get them out of the car or off the train?

Andrew said...


Wasn't for a second claiming there was all-Cabinet support?? ... just Cabinet support of some kind - it is the first time I can remember such a senior figure openly backing the call for a referendum whilst still in the Cabinet and I do think it is a genuinely significant moment.


John Wallace said...

OK. If I say I'm sorry will you come back and write something?

Andrew said...

'catch-up' now completed :-)