Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Avoiding the problem ...

Actually, think I'll need to find a picture with several more ferrets-in-a-sack, given what was in yesterday's local paper --- the detail of which will have been 'impeccably sourced' from within the Lib-Dem Group of course :-))

... more seriously - switching Transport Convener won't help the tram project one-jot.

The real problem - and senior Lib-Dems know it only too well - is the, now totally open, public undermining of the project by their local SNP coalition-partners.

What chance of efficient governance and prompt delivery of this project is there when you have the Deputy Leader, AND the Convener of Economic Development, publicly calling for the project to be completely scrapped?

Answer - close to zero.

... OK - they voted differently two seconds thereafter, but that hardly inspires further confidence, does it??

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