Friday, April 03, 2009

School's out ...

"School's out" later this afternoon, and the rest of the Burns' household will thus be off for a couple of weeks until Tuesday 21st April :-(

So - although we're mostly around in Edinburgh - there will be a bit of a reduction in blogging (and hopefully, work) activity, whilst I try to re-acquaint myself with the family!

Very brief updates 'may' still appear ...


Anonymous said...

It sure is the Easter Holidays. I don't go back to Uni until the 27th April. Heriot Watt have gone from 3 to 2 Semesters resulting in longer but highly welcomed breaks.

Im like you Andrew, not going away to any far flung corners but blogging will be a bit lighter to.

Anyway hope you and your family have a good Easter.. Omar..

Andrew said...


Hope you have a good Easter break too!