Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More on the CPZ proposals ...

I should have mentioned in yesterday's post, that I will be attending the Transport Committee Meeting at 10am next Tuesday - and any members of the public can also attend: just go the reception of the City Chambers on the High Street (Royal Mile) ...

I'm not a member of the Committee, so don't have a vote, but as one of the local Councillors whose Ward is affected by these proposals I do have the right to speak to the report --- a right I will be exercising!

... I've already had a significant amount of feedback from yesterday's post, and also from having e-mailed the report to hundreds of residents. The feedback so far does back-up my earlier thoughts on this, with quite vocal support for trying to see something happen around Harrison Park - and also Craiglockhart Terrace (in particular), which I didn't mention yesterday.

I will certainly follow these points up at the Committee next week - and please do get in touch meantime if you have any further thoughts on this: or 0131 529 3287.

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