Tuesday, April 14, 2009

McBride affair

Oh dear - feel this is not a subject that any Labour blogger can easily avoid :-(

I've mentioned the joys of e-mail on several occasions before --- here and here for example --- but what's been exposed over the last few days has taken my comparatively innocent worries to a whole new (much, much lower) level :-((

I very occasionally lapse into naming the target of my political angst; and even more occasionally this blog does get me into a spot of bother ... but in the main, I think I manage to get my political point across without resorting to personal abuse and bile ;-)

The serious point being - I reckon most voters can judge both personal character and political content pretty well, and trying to 'force-feed' that very individual assessment usually back-fires sooner or later.

And its back-fired spectacularly in this case, that's for sure.

It's damaged Labour yes; but even more depressingly it's damaged the whole political process at a time when it can ill-afford it --- to say the least!

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