Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breathtaking hypocrisy

Council Meeting now finished - concluded around 4pm. The one significant debate was on trams - here's a quick summary (I'm paraphrasing!):
  • Lib-Dems moved a motion to dump tram line 1b, but proceed with line 1a
  • Tories moved an amendment to get a further report in one-cycle on line 1a costs
  • Labour moved an amendment to get a further report in two-cycles on line 1b funding possibilities
  • Labour and Tories conjoined their amendments and Greens agreed to back that position
  • SNP moved, and shouted loudly about, an amendment to scrap the whole tram project

So, let the voting commence:

  • SNP amendment was defeated and fell
  • sensing that their Lib-Dem colleagues were therefore about to lose the next vote ...
  • ... SNP joined the Lib-Dems in the second vote and supported proceeding with tram line 1a
  • that position was therefore carried and Labour/Tory/Green position fell
I know I shouldn't be surprised, but in 10-years on the Council I've never seen such a two-faced position as the Edinburgh SNP adopted on trams in today's debate.

In short - they moved an amendment to scrap the whole project, but when they realised their Lib-Dem partners were about to lose a vote they supported the continuation of tram line 1a in complete contradiction to everything they had said in the debate a few seconds before.

Truly breathtaking hypocrisy.

... and we wonder why people are switched off politics :-(

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