Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blinded by ideology?

You have to give it to the Nationalists here in Scotland - they know how to whinge!

Strip all the hyperbole away and here are the facts on the "Scottish Government's" Budget for the next few years:
  • funding for the Scottish Government in 2008/09 was £33.3billion
  • funding for the Scottish Government in 2009/10 is £34.8billion
  • funding for the Scottish Government in 2010/11 will be £35.5billion
OK, OK - I got my figures here slightly wrong :-(

But the last figure above: £35.5billion for 2010/11 - does now take account of all the 'much-debated' efficiency savings - is higher than this year's budget ... and double what the first, First Minister had available in 1999.

Despite constantly espousing that this is a new political era, why can't the Nationalists just actually get on with governing the country in a constructive fashion?

--- I'll tell you why: doing such doesn't suit their main political goal.

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