Sunday, March 22, 2009

London and a quiet Sunday

Down in London yesterday, for several ERS meetings ... all seemed to go smoothly, and actually enjoying my first few months as Chair ;-)

Still managing to stick to that 'no-flying regime' - haven't been on a plane now since early December 2006. Indeed, this coming summer, its our 20th Anniversary of living-together and we're off (for the first time in years) on a holiday abroad ... to Rome ... and I've even managed to plan the whole thing by train!

Now, before you scoff, it is relatively straightforward - train to London, Eurostar to Paris, overnight sleeper to Rome; then reverse on the way back. And the sleeper even has three-bed carriages that will accommodate the whole family :-)

'The Man in Seat Sixty-One' website is just fantastic for planning this type of travel.

Anyhow, a quiet Sunday had by all - after such a frantic Saturday ...

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