Monday, February 23, 2009

Trams on Princes Street

Most enjoyable birthday celebrations over the weekend!

Whilst I was away, the tram project appears to be firmly back on track ...

... really, talk about good timing :-(

Surely Princes Street simply cannot remain closed to all vehicular traffic if this deadlock isn't broken soon?


Anonymous said...

Alas, A tram without rails in the middle of Princes St.

Just think , what if Arthur Seat or the Castle Rock were to erupt and cover the city centre with ash and lava tommorow.

What would the archeologist make of it in a 1000 years time when they excavated poor Old Edinbugh?

Lots of holes in the road and a tram that could not go anywhere.

Alas Edinburgh's Biggest unfinished Folly ! Maybe,

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment ... I suspect it will be finished; just a matter of when? Unless of course you're right, and Arthur's Seat does erupt in fury :-(


Anonymous said...

They better hurry as the latest scientific data shows that Arthur Seat may erupt sooner that one would think. :-) (Always a get out clause in there)