Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Re-shuffle mania ...

The Scottish blogosphere appears to be in re-shuffle hyper-drive ... so, thought I should add my tuppence worth ;-)

... personally, in my humble opinion, the whole episode feels a bit botched to me - why sack several Junior Ministers, thus (fairly or not) heaping all the blame on them, yet leave every one of their Senior Cabinet colleagues untouched?

When was the last time you saw a Government re-shuffle wherein ONLY Junior Minsters were moved??

And, is the almost universally accepted failure of SNP Education policy really all the fault of a Junior Minister for Schools? I think not - and I reckon most fair-minded people would probably agree with me.

Frankly, I reckon that a Cabinet Minister was supposed to be moved in today's Scottish Government re-shuffle; in the very words of the First Minister, they were "asked ... to make way to give colleagues an opportunity to show what they can contribute"; unfortunately they point-blank refused to go; and the FM has backed down and limited the subsequent shuffle.

Next meeting of the Scottish Cabinet should have a cracking atmosphere ...

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