Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hope springs eternal ... even at the Council?

In all the hype of 'Inauguration Day' ... I plain forgot to mention something positive that happened at the Policy and Strategy Committee yesterday ... I know, I know, it was a shock to me as well!

I must (slightly) retract my earlier whining about there being little or no chance of the Strategic Partnership monies being used to help ease the transitional period for many Forth Ward FSF-funded projects ...

... because; I verbally moved an additional recommendation, worded thus:

6.2 To instruct officers to bring an update report on transitional funding - including the possible use of further Strategic Partnership funding - to the next meeting of the Policy and Strategy Committee.

And it was accepted!!

Now I know it only says 'possible use' but I will temporarily suspend all criticism and sincerely hope that senior Politicians and Officers do actually apply a little good will, and use the monies available to help ease what could otherwise be a virtually terminal situation for many groups ...

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