Sunday, December 14, 2008

ERS Chair

Mentioned a couple of days ago that I was down in London for the weekend - and an ERS Council Meeting ... what I haven't bored you all to death with (but may be about to?) are some of the details of said-Council Meeting ;-(

... well, there's been a bit of external consultancy work finished recently for the ERS, which had recommended quite a significant change to the organisations' Council 'officer posts'. New structure, in effect, to tackle new challenges. The principles of all of this were accepted by the current officer-bearers, and wider-Council body, back in late August.

Thus, this latest quarterly Council meeting has duly seen the election of a new set of such officer-bearers, with the current Chair standing down after some 5-years in post.

... and yes, yours truly has been elected as Chair!

I therefore sense a bit more time being spent in London over the coming months - my no-flying regime could be about to be severely tested?


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Many thanks - need to talk to you about periodically using the Glasgow Office :-)