Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Employment of newly qualified teachers

The General Teaching Council (GTC) of Scotland has a pretty damning News Release on its website today ... I'm amazed it hasn't picked up more press attention?

The statistics within the research clearly show that - compared to last year - 'employed probationary teachers' are down nearly 9 per cent, 'secondary teachers in permanent posts' are down almost 13 per cent and the overall proportion of teachers on supply lists has increased from 18.7 per cent to over 30 per cent.

Not a pleasant picture for newly qualified teachers.

I understand that George Foulkes MSP - he of the weekly video-fame! - is very keen to hear from probationer teachers who can't find a permanent job as part of a study being undertaken into the broader Education crisis facing Edinburgh ... if you are a probationer with any such information, you can contact George at:

Watch this space ...

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