Wednesday, November 26, 2008

City doing better - really?

Bit of local news news coverage today will have brought some festive cheer to the hearts of those currently in charge of the city ;-)

... I have to say, whilst acknowledging that certain areas (road maintenance etc.) are going in the right direction, I just fail to understand how the issue of general street cleanliness is receiving such positive praise?

I mentioned all of this last week, and I can only repeat that CIMS is a pretty limited measure and it can't hide the fact that over 40% of the city is failing acceptable standards for street cleanliness ... and my experience of stomping the streets of Forth Ward recently certainly verifies this truth.

And, of course, I feel duty bound to point out that the Audit Scotland work, on which the Council report is dependant, is based on the last three years ... I'll say no more.

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