Thursday, October 02, 2008

Absolutely unbelievable

My despair yesterday, has turned to absolute disbelief this morning ...

... today's Scotsman has a brief piece on the near complete gridlock that was the City Centre yesterday, which was a result of the start of tram works at The Mound - you can read the article here.

PLEASE have a look at the article - you'll note that the Chief Executive of TIE has at least apologised for the problems, but when the journalist asked the City Council to comment here's what happened:

"Despite the extent of the problems, the city council declined to comment on how the first day of the tram works had gone."

Absolutely unbelievable.

Thousands - no, probably tens of thousands - of commuters were affected by this yesterday and not one word from any Lib-Dem politician currently in charge of this project.

... actually, the likely truth is that no politician is currently in charge of this project :-(

In my darker (and generally uncharacteristic) moments of feeling 'less-than-charitable', I sometimes think the Lib-Dems in Edinburgh are metaphorically "out to lunch".

I've been badly mistaken - yesterday proves there's nothing metaphoric about it :-((

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