Thursday, September 04, 2008

Spare parts anyone?

I'm awash with local complaints about the amount of rubbish lying at the side of the 'large wheelie bins' in the Harrison/Shandon/Ashley/ Fountainbridge area ...

... here are a couple of pictures taken today to underscore just why so many constituents are very annoyed :-(

What's making people even more angry, is that the regular-sized bins, which can be emptied by standard bin-lorries, are being collected and dealt with as usual ...

... and, wait for it, the bin-crews in those trucks are just driving past the larger wheelie bins which are surrounded by piles of rubbish - as you can see :-((

Now, I know its not the bin-crews fault per se ... but why management hasn't instructed them to sort out the immediate mess around the larger wheelie bins is simply beyond me. Surely not difficult to organise such?

And - to make matters a whole lot worse - it appears that the problems are not confined to Shandon/Fountainbridge, but spread right across the city ... all down to the lack of a few spare parts??

Clearly, no contingency plans ... and clearly, not good!

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