Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beware - policy failure

Next chapter of the Scottish Futures Trust saga published today - the rhetoric is here ...

... the reality:
  • still no school-building contracts initiated under this Government
  • please contrast that with what went before
  • 8-years in Opposition, 18-months in power ... and all that's happened today is a 'company' has been established
  • its a company that will still happily accept the use of private monies
  • its a company that will still commit Councils to re-payments for 25-30years
  • oh, and by the way - it's costing some £17million to set up this company :-(
  • and in case you've forgotten - still not 1 new school-building contract has been initiated under this Government that will be completed by the end of this Government

It is a huge policy failure ... and that applies not just to schools, but to all other major infrastructure projects.

Second Forth Road Bridge anyone??

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