Friday, June 27, 2008

Radiohead - Glasgow Green

Off to see Radiohead on Glasgow Green this afternoon ...

... haven't ever seen them live before and, as a bit of a fan, I have to admit to rather looking forward to it ;-)

Should be some light relief after the travails of yesterday ;-))


Anonymous said...

Wonderful show wasn't it? Haven't been so soaked in a long time, but it didn't matter a bit, especially when singing along "rain down, rain down"! Hope you weren't catching the last train back to Edinburgh, it was (inevitably) absolutely packed out despite the extra carriages and ran pretty late. Still, completely worth it!

Andrew said...


Belated thanks for the comment - I couldn't agree more ... I thought they were just simply fantastic!

Luckily, my parents live near Airdrie, so we didn't need to trapse back to Edinburgh that evening ;-)