Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Constitutional log-jam

What follows is a completely classic example of 'reading what you want' into the latest political, opinion-poll:

  • here's part of the relevant SNP Press statement

Welcoming the YouGov poll in the Daily Telegraph today [Wednesday], which shows a strengthening lead for the Scottish National Party over Labour and the other parties – projected to win 51 seats to Labour’s 45 – SNP Depute Leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP said:

“We are delighted with these poll figures. The growing SNP lead shows that the honeymoon continues a year into government, on the back of solid policy delivery.

"The poll shows the SNP winning more votes and more seats since last May, with sensational approval ratings for Alex Salmond, and a significantly increased lead over Labour and the other parties.

“On independence, if you ask a straight question - unlike in the Telegraph poll - then you will get a straight answer."

  • and this is part of the relevant Scottish Labour Press statement:

LABOUR'S decision to push for a Constitutional Commission was right, the party said today in response to the YouGov poll in the Daily Telegraph which shows support for independence at an all time low.

Fewer than one-in-five voters in Scotland wants to break-up Britain - while nearly three-quarters back the current devolved parliament, with its present powers or with more responsibilities.

And today Labour accused the SNP of engaging in '1984-style Orwellian double speak' in their analysis of the You Gov findings.

Labour's Jackie Baillie said:"This poll confirms what Labour has said all along -. the vast majority of Scots don't want independence but want to see devolution work. It confirms our belief that Scots want to walk tall in the UK but not walk out of the Union."

Quite obviously, a healthy dialogue on a potential constitutional compromise is ongoing :-(

I despair, I really do :-((

Of course, there could be another way ...

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