Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It gets worse ...

And if the CLD review process wasn't confusing enough ... what about the overall review of the wider Children and Families Department?

I've mentioned it all before here ... and if you look at the second-half of that 'question/answer' No.12 here ... you'll see that there is now to be a Special Meeting of the Education Committee on 15th April 2008 to agree the new Department Structure ... that's a full TWO MONTHS AFTER we'll have agreed same Depatment's budget??

And sorry for repeating this - but I happen to think its fairly important - just how can all of this be consistent with the extant Council Decision of the Education Committee Meeting on 30th October 2007 - have a look at Paragraph 8 of this minute ...

... again, for ease of reference, the above decision reads - "To approve the departmental review as detailed in the report subject to the outcomes report being submitted to the Education, Children and Families Committee ahead of the Council budget meeting." (my emphasis)

That's just not happening is it.

Surely the whole Departmental Review isn't procedurally flawed??

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