Sunday, February 17, 2008


Was over in Glasgow yesterday and went to see Equus (by Peter Shaffer) at the Theatre Royal - a really, really excellent play ... and production.

... quite disturbing story-line, but definitely worth going to see and certainly a play that will stick in your memory.

Its in Edinburgh this coming week - at the Kings Theatre - and I simply can't recommend it highly enough.


Jeff said...

Good stuff, I was swithering about going to see this. I think you might have just pushed me over the edge with your glowing praise...

Andrew said...


Do go and see it - and I hope my assessment isn't wrong!

... I have got a bit of a liking for Peter Shaffer plays mind you - saw 'Amadeus' years ago in Sheffield (it was fantastic) and have been a fan ever-since.


David Harkins said...

We travelled up to Glasgow from Carlisle on Saturday for the afternoon performance of this excellent play and boy was it worth every penny.

Everything about this production, from the sparse stage sets to the outstanding cast was top notch, but special mention must go the brilliant actor Simon Callow. His performance on Saturday was a masterclass in how to act. The man is a true professional and a class act to boot!

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - I agree entirely, we thought Simon Callow was excellent also.