Saturday, February 02, 2008

Allotment frenzy!

Allotment frenzy today - high excitement due to my better-half (after years on the waiting list) being allocated an allotment at Saughton Mains :-)

... spent a lot of the afternoon down there looking over the site - and assessing the amount of work that's required!

Here's a snap of Junior and I in front of the shed - yes, there is an 'allotment shed' and the home-brew will be on the go shortly ;-))

Rotavator hire is under active investigation :-(


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew ... I have the plot directly to your North. Am jealous of your shed. I may have two, but one leaks and the other's wobbly.


Andrew said...


Bloody hell ... even the blogosphere is a small world really ;-)

We're going to be down there a lot over the first two weekends of March ... maybe see you then!