Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Deja Vu

Schools in Edinburgh would be forgiven for thinking they are suffering from a severe bout of Deja Vu given the headlines in the local paper yesterday ...

I'm certainly not aware of any new, definite proposals at the moment?

It is common knowledge that at the next meeting of the Education Committee (19th November) the Lib-Dem/SNP Administration intend to bring forward a report which will hopefully recommend the formation of a Sub-Committee (in essence a Cross Party Working Group) which is exactly what we've been asking them to do for months now ...

... and the report will also hopefully allow the Sub-Committee to 'work up/agree' criteria BEFORE any schools are brought forward for full and proper consultation on any potential closure - and again we've been asking for this type of approach for months.

I've had a lot of contact from people locally - worried about St. Cuthbert's - and I can only repeat that I'm not aware of any new, definite proposals at the moment.

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