Friday, September 14, 2007

Pedal for Scotland

Well, it's a good job that Emergency Council meeting is tomorrow and not Sunday - otherwise, it would have stopped me doing the "Pedal for Scotland" event :-(

This will be my fifth year in a row actually - hoping the weather holds out and that the undoubted, marathon Council meeting tomorrow doesn't exhaust my stamina too much ;-))


Anonymous said...


I hope you enjoyed your Pedal for Scotland experience. We haven't enjoyed Pedal for Scotland because our residential street has been turned into a disaster with 10 lorries and 10 coaches idling outside and cyclists parking their 4x4s in our front garden. Perhaps this event is too large for this area - we've been trapped inside the house all day listening to grinding engines and bad music over the PA system in the park. I'm all for people having fun but did it have to be in my front garden starting at 7am on a Sunday with the arrival of all the coaches and lorries? I particularly enjoyed all the naked cyclists changing clothes from their 4x4s in my front garden. Perhaps a different Edinburgh venue could be found? This is too much. Please make it stop.

A Craighall Road resident.

Andrew said...

Anonymous/Craighall Resident

Thanks for your comment.

I'm really sorry to hear of the problems you've experienced today.

I was just participating in the event as an individual, and not in any formal capacity.

Indeed, as far as I know it's not organised by the Council - although they have input - but primarily by "Cycling Scotland". All their contact details can be found at this link:

Please do pass on your comments to them and/or e-mail me directly if you want me to raise these issues as an Edinburgh Councillor:

Again, I am very sorry you've had such an unpleasant day because of the event.


Anonymous said...

All I can say for the person who's moaning to stop moaning and to get a "LIFE",get grip of yourself mate it was for a good cause you boring fart, you should be helping out there rather that sitting on your arse behind the computer and I bet that you have never even been to the park, you are at it because you can't do the cycle if you want to get a life there you go

Andrew said...

PLEASE do keep all comments civil

Anonymous said...

I do have a life and I'm certainly not boring - I'm just fed up with the what we continually have to put up with in this street. The only notice we had of the event were the no parking signs going up on Friday night. Normally we would get a letter when large events like this were going to happen so we could plan around it. There were 10 lorries and 10 coaches parked outside idling in the street at various point in the day from 7am until after 4pm. The PA testing started at 8:30 am then music was played all morning through the PA. We had about 8-10 different cyclists in cars and 4x4s parked at different times on the pavement outside our stair at the end of the cycle. One person in my stair couldn't get their own car out to leave to go to a family wedding because a cyclist had left their car unattended blocking them in - they had to pay for a taxi to Penicuik. I bumped into another neighbour down the street this evening who had planned a birthday party for the afternoon but had to cancel on Friday evening when she realised what was coming after spotting the no parking signs. I personally support several charities and I support those who want to cycle but this event was far too large for what is essentially a residential area. We already have to put up with all the noise of the two schools in this street every weekday from 7 to 9 in the morning plus all the construction lorries for the developments at Newhaven. The previous events were held at much larger locations like Meadowbank and Murrayfield - so a larger more accessible location would be more appropriate. I just think if the cyclists contributed all the money that was spent on petrol for the buses, lorries and their personal cars - how much closer would the charity be to realising it's goal of a cure? Oh yes, I do visit the park all the time - I volunteer to help remove rubbish every month and to maintain the playground for the children.

Thanks for your comments Councillor - I apologise if I have sounded frustrated in my posts but I have now sent what I hope are constructive comments to the events team at the Council and to the Cycle Scotland group on how they might alleviate the disruption to residents in this location or another location next year.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Burns. I hope that you enjoyed the ride, despite the torrential rain. I completed this for the first time - and the welcoming sight of the hardy people at Victoria Park cheering and clapping, actually made the trip worthwhile.
It is a shame that some folk do not see this kind of event for what it is. I lived for many years in London and regularly had to put up with the total disruption that the London Marathon causes - being woken at 6.30 by the buzzing of helecopters, closed roads, 3 to 5 mile detours just to get to the shops - but we tolerated it - it was once a year, and it is for very worthy causes. Yes perhaps the event has outgrown the quiet residential areas such as Craighall - but the organisers and the many residents who turned out and out and supplied support and encouragement are to be commended.

I hope you are not too sore today!!


Andrew said...

Anonymous/Craighall Resident (2)

Thanks for your further comments - glad to hear you've passed on your concerns to both CEC and Cycling Scotland.

Again, don't hesitate to let me know if you want me to raise these issues as an Edinburgh Councillor:


Andrew said...


Many thanks for your comment.

I too was really heartenend by the cheers as we crossed the finishing line - especially as it was such a miserable day (weather-wise).

Not too sore today thanks ... and my cycling-jacket is 'nearly' dry.


Anonymous said...

Let the poor resident have his say, he is entitled after all. I do sympathise it must have been a bit of a nightmare Sunday for him and his neighbours. I also completed the 51 miles on Sunday and would like to warmly thank all the volunteers who gave up their time to help us along on such an appalling day (weather wise). Would the Queens park not be a better starting / finish point. The park has been used for many events and I am sure could cope. The logistics in moving people and bikes too Glasgow was massive so a large area was required. Must admit to a wee grumble on Sunday, my bike came off the last truck to be unloaded (I was soaked before I started.

Well done to all for Sunday and roll on 2008....

Andrew said...

Marko - I do agree with all your points

Anonymous said...

Surely the resident concerned must have known about the event? if not maybe being forewarned would help?Leave for the day or if not why not join in as a cyclist or volunteer.I hardly think there are many quiet residential areas with parks in front of them.
As I'm sure all are aware if we all contribute to council tax then the parks are for all to use and not just the people who live opposite.I can understand oyur frustrations to a certain extent but it very much misguided considering this was a very successful charity event.