Thursday, July 12, 2007

Problem Solving Partnership (PSP) meeting

A further PSP meeting this afternoon ... have mentioned progress with all of this on several occasions before: relevant links are here ... and the meeting heard from a variety of local agencies about progress with youth issues in the local area.

I would say this wouldn't I; but I am genuinely impressed with the efforts being made with this PSP - I've been through several PSP-cycles (so to speak) over the last 8-years, and this is by far the most successful.

Dunedin-Canmore, Lothian and Borders Police, Council staff and the local Community Council have all pooled their efforts remarkably effectively and not only is a successful Youth Cafe being run, but also a summer programme of activities aimed at the younger P5-P7 age group is up and running.

Nobody is claiming it's been a panacea for all local ills - but equally, nobody doubts that the activities have had a very positive impact throughout the local area.

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