Thursday, July 05, 2007

Neighbourhood Partnership meeting

I might have escaped being at the City Chambers during the day, but no escape tonight ... Neighbourhood Partnership meeting this evening.

First, full 'Business Meeting' in preparation for the first Public Meeting later in the early Autumn. Was reasonably well attended, with most Councillors and Community Councilors present ... Police and Voluntary Sector there also, but no one (unless I missed them!) from the Health side?

Pretty, straightforward functional meeting ... agreeing Chair-elect (Donald Wilson), meeting arrangements, provisional dates etc.

Looking forward to just getting on with some real business now!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being selected as a finalist in the NSNMA2007.

Now you can go down to London for the swanky do and maybe take the Family.

City Inn ( is highly recommended and just round the corner from Parliament in case you have any business to attend to.

Second year in a row an Edinburgh website reached the finals - who knows, maybe it doesn't suck as much as some would say.

Andrew said...


Many thanks - I've just put a post up confirming the shortlisting as a finalist and tragically noting that I can't attend the awards event. Ah well ... don't think the Council would have covered my expenses anyhow :-)


Anonymous said...

I am sure you will put the new "Finalist" icon where it belongs at the top of the right hand column of your blog, when it arrives if it hasn't yet.

Andrew said...

Hasn't arrived yet - it'll be up, as you suggest, as soon as it does!