Friday, June 08, 2007

Glasgow weekend

Now for those that don't know me personally, I've a terrible admission to make - I'm not from Edinburgh!

Actually originate from Airdrie (someone has to come from there if you think about it hard enough) and I did spend my whole childhood over on the West coast ... only ever came to Edinburgh to visit the zoo or the castle - Edinburgh was like that before 1984 of course, and may be going back that way I fear :-((

Anyhow, always gravitated to Glasgow during that time and still love visiting. So; very much looking forward to spending a whole weekend over there from this evening ... but just to keep a slight 'Edinburgh-theme' to the weekend, we're going to see "Sunshine on Leith" at the Kings Theatre on Bath street tomorrow night ;-)

And who knows what might follow on a Saturday night in Glasgow ... so, roll-on 5pm, and the end of the 'Away Day', and we'll be off as quick as possible to the sunshine capital of Scotland ;-))

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