Monday, June 04, 2007

Face what?

Now I've had loads of regular readers of the blog comment with some incredulity that they can't find me on Facebook ... exactly, "so what" is just what I originally thought ;-)

But it seems that if you really want to be 'anybody' in the new cyber-world, you just 'have to have' one of these networking pages?? As you can tell from my tone - I remain to be convinced ... bit like the Aldi proposal really ;-))

Anyhow, this "Facebook" thing is all the rage apparently ... I had a quick look some time ago, and everyone on it appears to be under 19-years of age (not that that's a bad thing in itself I hasten to add!) ... but nevertheless, always one to try anything once, I thought why not. So, having 'logged' a page ages ago, I've now actually had some time to update it and fill in some details.

Get to, search for my page, and you can Poke me if so inclined ;-))

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