Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"A new era of openness" ??

The Liberals have made great play of this being "a new era of openness" in the City Chambers ... so, a few days into their administration with Nationalist/Tory help, how are things going:
  • first Full Council meeting last Thursday was a bit of a shambles, with Standing Orders being ignored ... or more politely, not understood.
  • quasi-judicial Planning Committee 'stacked' in Liberals favour, so they and Nationalists have an in-built majority. Proportionality completely ignored.
  • first Council Executive meeting called for 9.30am, half-an-hour before the Full Council meeting, this coming Thursday ... all with minimum 7-days notice and no consultation with anyone about the meeting which wasn't in the Council diary.
  • only item on this Council Executive agenda is the appointment of the new Council Leader and Deputy Leader, so they can start claiming their new pay-grades asap.
  • appears to be no consultation planned for any new structures which may replace the Council Executive model.
  • no cross-Party dialogue, to date, about interim decision-making structures and allocation of pay-grades to any elected Members.
  • and finally, no cross-Party policy discussion has taken place on anything since the election.

So far, so bad ;-((

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