Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More on the Commuity Council last night ...

As mentioned earlier ... local Community Council meeting last night and there was indeed a focus of discussion around the organisation of 'youth work' - pleased to report that there now appears to have been several (late!) applications for the 'youth worker' posts. Recruitment crisis could be over ;-))

All-credit to Hutchison/Chesser Community Council - they've organised grant applications, programme development, equipment purchase and now (nearly) youth worker employment ... all to put on a series of youth programmes in the local area.

There has been quite a bit of input from Children and Families officers at the Council, but I'm not aware of any other Community Council in Edinburgh taking such a proactive (and constructive!) approach to the challenges of providing youth services at such a local level.

Should be a programme in place now for the Summer - at the very latest!

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