Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Democrazy2007 and your chance to win up to £3,000 !!

I've mentioned this several times before - but here's the last, formal plug ;-))

... The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) in Scotland, working with Digital Media Cast, has formerly launched the Democrazy 2007 campaign and competition. The campaign seeks to engage young people more effectively in political debate in Scotland and to magnify the voice of young people through an innovative approach that blends music and politics. Additionally, it aims to introduce young voters to the new Single Transferable Vote (STV) system to be used in the local government elections on May 3rd 2007.

Democrazy 2007 is a music competition open to all young bands and artists in Scotland. Big cash prizes and the chance to get their music/point across are on offer to all entrants. It’s a genuine invitation to take on politics.

On the interactive Democrazy 2007 website:


young musicians in Scotland can upload their own original songs which are required to have a social or political message. Between Thursday 1st March and Thursday 19th April 2007, visitors to the site will then have the opportunity to download their favourite tracks. The campaign will culminate in the distribution of £5,000 in prize money to the top three musicians as determined by a popular vote using STV.

Aside from the music uploads section, the website hosts a flash animation about STV and in the coming weeks a short film exploring young people’s views on politics and participation in Scotland will be released on the site. Democrazy 2007 postcards and e-cards will also be distributed to raise awareness about the initiative ...

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