Thursday, February 22, 2007

Benmore Centre for Outdoor Education today

Up to Benmore Centre for Outdoor Education today ... bit of a drive to get there, but did promise both Benmore and Lagganlia Centre Managers that I would visit before the election-period kicked in proper!

A really enjoyable day ... was a serious side to the visit, as regards budget pressures, which I spent a considerable time discussing with the Centre Manager, and do feel reasonably confident that the main concern over timescales for long-term decisions can be resolved pretty quickly. In essence, both Managers are looking for a clear way forward by August this year ... I think this is achievable, but a challenge obviously given the intervening election!

Talking of challenges, had a go on both the indoor climbing wall ... boy, were my arms aching afterwards ... and undertook a spot of gorge walking; described on Benmore's website as "one of the most outrageous of our activities and certainly one of the wettest. You will be negotiating rocky streams, waterfalls and other obstacles trying to stay dry for as long as possible. Generally ropes are not required although sometimes they can be used as handrails or for traversing over the water."

Sadly for me ... this is an entirely accurate description

Joking aside ... very enjoyable afternoon spent doing these activities. Staff, and students present, could not have been more friendly and accommodating.

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