Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Murrayburngate Social Work centre yesterday and Braidburn School today ...

ooops ... didn't log an entry yesterday (Tuesday), but was at Murrayburngate Social Work centre for most of the morning and also forgot to mention that I went out to Westfield House Social Work Centre yesterday afternoon. Having been round several now, I'm more than ever convinced of the need for a pretty large boost in the base-revenue budget for the Children and Families Department ... there's really impressive work going on, but a lot of 'professional' time is being spent on tasks that could be undertaken by others thus releasing the qualified Social Workers to do what their job title suggests.

Braidburn School this (Wednesday) morning ... a fairly new special school with the complete age range from 3 years up to 18 years old ... also pretty wide range of educational, physical and emotional needs being catered for as well.

A really excellent facility all-round but still the odd snagging issue with some of the new fabric ... just a tiny, little bit frustrating that this still seems to get blamed on the school being PPP financed; if anyone can point me to a traditionally-funded school that had absolutely no snagging issues on the day it opened I'd be very pleasantly surprised ;-)

That said, there clearly is an issue about speed of response to fabric issues that are being raised ... something that definitely needs to be pursued!

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