Thursday, November 16, 2006

St. Cuthbert's Primary School this morning ...

Visit to St. Cuthbert's Primary School this morning, with my 'Children and Families' hat on ... very much looking forward to it, as the only Primary that is wholly contained within my own electoral Ward!

Very calm atmosphere in all the classes I went into - even the children going into the main hall to watch a slide presentation were remarkably quiet? And the entrance hall, public corridors etc. all looked great with really colourful and informative displays on every inch of the wall-space!

There's a languauge unit within the grounds - housed within a pretty old Temporary Unit (T.U.), which is clearly getting passed it's best, but despite that the work inside seemed really impressive. The 'grounds' themselves could also do with a bit of investment and I'll need to tread carefully (sorry about the pun) looking for such investment in a school that happpens to be within my ward ;-))

Met with some officers from the Council's Sustainable Development unit later this afternoon ... some issues brewing about just how much 'sustainability' can be built into the second-round of school buildings programme. It's the usual panic to clarify costs and terms in the last few weeks of negotiation before the final contract is signed, hopefully in January. I do sense that the tension will continue until the last few hours before contract closure!

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