Thursday, September 28, 2006

Anti Social Behaviour

Large, local meeting last night at Carrickvale Community Centre, organised by Sarah Boyack. Cathy Jamieson and Sheila Gilmore were also speakers. Main topic of debate was anti-social behaviour, which has been a big issue in the Hutchison and Stenhouse areas recently - with a very small minority causing real problems for the large majority.

It was pretty obvious at the meeting that most people do actually recognise there has been significant support, in terms of legislation, on these issues from the government. They also know that the Police are working as hard as they can to help. But it was also equally clear that a lot more co-ordination needs to happen between the various agencies - Council, Police and others.

A lot of people in attendance and passions running quite high.


Anonymous said...

so how are you feeling in your new job? isn't it a much more sensitive area? doesn't it involve seeing and hearing about things that make you sad?

Andrew said...

Moira - new job is going well, thanks for asking!