Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super-Duper Tuesday

It's here - today is Super-Duper Tuesday :-)

Now, I promised on the 9th January to ease off on American politics - and I think I've held to that commitment, but I must warn regular readers that the next few days may have a slight American-focus :-(

... so, to start with, have a quick look at these polling figures - if they're anywhere close to being correct (I know, I know, remember New Hampshire!) then there could be a big shock in store over the next couple of days.

Personally, I sense that Clinton will win a majority of the States which are voting today - but unless she pulls ahead by more than 200 delegates (and it's delgates that count NOT the popular vote) then a real contest will run into March ... and it could even keep going until early June!

... for those true-anoraks out there - all the details can be found via Wikipedia :-))

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