Monday, February 04, 2008

Edinburgh in 2012?

I often hear my Edinburgh Liberal colleagues citing Liverpool as an example of a well-run and dynamic Lib-Dem Local Authority ... I was therefore surprised to be shown this story from the Guardian last week.

... okay, it's a brief press report - but the full Audit Commission report (January 2008) can be found here (as a PDF). Use the search tool to look up 'Liverpool' and see what you get :-(

By contrast, have a quick look at the Audit Scotland report (here), from February 2007, about the services provided by the City of Edinburgh Council.

Liverpool or Edinburgh - choices, choices ...

... and don't just take these two reports as contrasting evidence - why not have a look at this recent Annual Performance report for 2006/2007 (the full version can be found here) published by the Council in January 2008 - under the new Lib-Dem/SNP leadership. Take their word for it - not mine.

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