Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Well, it's Wednesday ... and Obama Won!

Yes, it's Wednesday ... the day after "Super-Duper Tuesday" ... and my obsession with events in America is reaching truly sad levels :-(

... I just can't take my eyes of the ever-changing (and I do mean minute, by minute) delegate count for the Democratic contest! Don't forget that it's 'pledged' delegates that come from the votes ... 'superdelegates' are frankly the Democratic great-and-the-good, and whose allegiances are by no means fixed in stone.

Firstly though, I think it's relatively safe to say that McCain, barring disaster, has won the Republican nomination. He has more than double the delgates to the Republican Convention than Romney, who himself is being closely chased by Huckabee. Everybody else is out of it, and I fail to see how McCain can blow it now ... famous last words ;-)

Secondly, the Democrats and that ever-changing count ... well, Obama won the majority of the States being contested yesterday (by quite a margin - 13 to 8, with 1 still to be decided) but it's been reported all day today (Wednesday) that Clinton has won the majority of delegates due to securting the biggest States - principally California and New York.

Well, I'm just not sure how true that all is - yes, she won those two large States but even so, her delegate count from the night seems LOWER than Obama's from what I can glean across the internet - see here and here for example. I know these figures are 'larger' than the CNN totals, but they do appear to be fairly consistently repeated across the web - I guess CNN may just be publishing 'absolutely confirmed' figures?

Anyhow, it strikes me that Obama won last night - not just the majority of States (which no one is contesting), but possibly the majority of delegates as well.

"Game still on", as they say - at least for the Democrats :-)

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