Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Trustworthy Polls?

Those very recent American Poll results appear to be have been about as trustworthy as the SNP national manifesto from May 2007 ;-)

Hats off to Hillary Clinton - I reckon that's an impressive result given the huge onslaught she has faced, on the ground, within New Hampshire over the last 5-days.

Now, I have been receiving a few complaints from my regular readers about too much American politics (yes, I know they clearly need to get a life ? ) ... but fear not, it's a week now until the next US Primary, Michigan state (which won't really count for the reasons explained here) and then nothing until the 19th January! So, I promise to ease off for a few weeks and concentrate again on Edinburgh/Scotland :-)

But, I'll leave the 'American-anoraks' out there with this link - here - do have a quick look ... some of the language is very American (certainly not English!), but it is a good analysis of the Super-Tuesday situation.

It's a blog by an admitted Obama-supporter, and I assume that "Leans" equates to 'likely', or 'leaning towards' ... and if you scroll down and look at the total projections, it does strike me that an awful lot hinges on who actually wins California. With 370 delegates up for grabs, that single state could make or break either the Obama or Clinton overall totals.

Roll on the 5th February ...

... right, back to Edinburgh-politics :-(

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