Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Waiting for all our futures ...

The Scottish Futures Trust that is ... I posted about all of this some time ago and argued then that I felt the Scottish Futures Trust was nowhere near delivery.

That was over three months ago; we're a good eight months after the election now and it transpires that there is to be NO development of a Scottish Futures Trust until at least March 2008.

Frankly, it will be a year (post-2007 election) at least before anything is developed and I still have serious doubts that any such Trust will be up and running this side of 2009. I'll repeat that I'd love to be wrong.

Why my renewed depression over all of this - well, have a look at this ... a consultation document launched a few days before Christmas (by co-incidence, of course) which asks for views on a Scottish Futures Trust to be submitted by March 14th 2008.

And if you think I'm being unduly pessimistic, then please do read paragraph 7.1 ... we're talking LONG GRASS here :-(

What a contrast with the SNP national manifesto from May 2007 ... have a look at PRIORITY bullet-point 7 in the 'Department of Finance and Sustainable Growth' here.

Some priority :-((

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